Thursday, July 8, 2010

Catch Up!

Wow- I haven't posted on here since April. APRIL!!! So this will be a catch up post and I will try to be better about posting about John...and Matthew who will be here in three weeks from today!

John has...

...been to the Frisco Heritage Museum

...fed the ducks at the pond

...been to the zoo

...played in the pool with Bella while Mommy and Daddy were out of town

...played with Daddy by the lake

...started to brush his teeth

...gotten a new hair do

...been to Little Elm Beach

...helped with Matthew's new room

...celebrated Father's Day with Daddy

...started sleeping in a big boy bed

...celebrated 4th of July (with a parade, Kaboom Town, and going to Nana's)

...went to a waterpark

...went to a splash park

...and so much more!

John's latest antics:
-saying 'no' to EVERYTHING even if he really means yes
-LOVES Vienna Fingers cookies. He even taught himself how to break apart the cookie and eat the icing. :)
-buckling up Brown Bear in the baby car seat and rocking him
-starting to eat with a fork for at least half his meal
-loves bananas and finally starting to eat veggies again (corn, green beans, carrots)
-starting to talk a lot more...well trying to say words!
-runs everywhere
-wants us to read books to him 24/7
-likes to hear 'his songs' on the CD and do the movements with them
-doing awesome in swim lessons
-says 'one more' when he wants to do something again...and says it over and over and over again (doesn't quite understand the concept of 'one more'!)
-tries to jump, but his feet don't leave the ground...but he is so proud of himself!
-says 'bye' to everything such as his toys when we put them away, tv when we turn it off

He is so dang cute and precious! I can't wait to see how he is with Matthew soon!