Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Free Postcards!

I just ordered 100 postcards for FREE! Well, I had to pay for shipping (which I did with paypal!!!) which was less than $7. So, 100 postcards for $7 isn't bad. I had read about this several weeks ago and saw it reposted today. I ordered birthday postcards so all I have to do is address them, add a little note, and put them in the mail. No excuses anymore for not sending birthday cards on time. So, to those of you in my family- get ready to recieve birthday postcards for the next 50 years or so until I run out! :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A little bit of John

Well, there isn't much to share over here at the Brown household. Same ol' type of thing going on. And I didn't take many pictures over the past couple weeks, so I need to get back into taking a million pictures a month!

I walked by Brad's nightstand the other day and started cracking up. He had quite the arsenol of pacifiers in case John wakes up at night. The most annoying thing is going to his room to give him his pacifier and it is lost somewhere in the dark. So Brad stockpiles them on his nightstand which cracks me up! What a sweet (and smart) Daddy!

John also got his new custom earplugs a couple weeks ago. Since he got tubes in his ears, he can't get water in them. So, we got some molded ones from the ENT to make our lives easier. I picked blue and white swirl and as soon as the words 'blue and white swirl' left my mouth, I panicked and was worried his earplugs wouldn't match his swimsuit in the summer. I mean, how can I possibly know what color his bathing suit would be when it was only February?! And are there any greater atrocities in life than a bathing suit that doesn't match the earplugs? Brad said 'oh, he is going to be one of those kids in the pool. We made fun of those kids'. great.

Tonight we changed John into his pj's in the living room and had to try to document his cute belly. But, he is quite the squirmy kid and hard to photograph. He did seem to jump at the chance at sitting in my lap when he was naked and I was just hoping he didn't feel the urge to pee at the same moment. He is just so cute though!

In other news, I started a new blog for crafts and selling my baby stuff. Please check it out! It isn't perfect at all, but I wanted to get it going before the craft show in May!!