Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Free Postcards!

I just ordered 100 postcards for FREE! Well, I had to pay for shipping (which I did with paypal!!!) which was less than $7. So, 100 postcards for $7 isn't bad. I had read about this several weeks ago and saw it reposted today. I ordered birthday postcards so all I have to do is address them, add a little note, and put them in the mail. No excuses anymore for not sending birthday cards on time. So, to those of you in my family- get ready to recieve birthday postcards for the next 50 years or so until I run out! :)


  1. Speaking of birthdays.... I got my card the other day. Although, I would be lying if I said I didn't find it odd that you mailed it almost 3 weeks in advance.

  2. hey- i bought all of them at once- yours, dads, al's, and grandpa's so i just mailed them all together. if i didn't, you may not have gotten one at all! :) my new goal is to mail them the first of each month and since yours is the last day of the month, you might get yours a smidge early.