Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Best 20 bucks ever spent??

So I have been a little worried about John eating enough throughout the day. For the past two weeks or so he has been sleeping through the night, which is great! Last night he slept for 11 hours straight. He is only three months old (today!!) so I am really glad that he has been so easy to take care of so far. Maybe this means he will act up as a teenager?

Anyways, so since he sleeps for so long now, he basically he taken one of his feedings out each day. Therefore I was worried he wasn't eating enough during the day. So I went to the doctor today and John weighs 12 pounds 11.5 ounces. That is a little over a pound more than he weighed at his 2 month appointment so I think he is doing fine! They did not measure his length but he is getting so big! So many of his clothes don't fit and he was wearing a 6 month outfit today that fit pretty well. Bottom line...he dr said he was doing great and there was nothing to worry about. So I would say, yes, 20 bucks well spent for a peace of mind!

And I got a little bonus at the dr's office for that 20 bucks. While in the waiting room, there was a women there with two of her kids. It seems they were homeschooled since the mom was giving her son a test, who was in a nicely pressed karate outfit. He was quite the handful, although he seemed like a normal 10 year old (I would guess that to be his age). At one point the mom asked him to do something and he said 'yes sir!'. Well, good old mom said 'Do you want to do push-ups for saying that?' and the boy quickly said he was joking and said sorry (although I didn't hear a genuine sorry in there!). I just thought it was really funny that the mom would make her son do push-ups as part of his punishment! That is what I did with my cheerleaders because it was an athletic situation. I don't know if I would make John do push-ups for misbehaving. :) So at least I had some entertainment with that family while I was waiting and that makes the 20 bucks that much more well spent.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Why Mop Top???

Welcome to my new blog! I am making this in part because I have to for my online book study and in part to be as cool as my sister Emily who has TWO blogs already. Well, maybe not the latter quite so much!

I figured I would start out the blog with an explanation of the name. Over the summer Brad and I went to a friend's wedding and perhaps he had more than one adult beverage. At one point in the night he turned to me and said 'Can I or can I not invert you and use your head as a mop'. At the time I didn't find it very funny, but now Brad and I laugh about it and he calls me mop top.

I will be updating this blog weekly until at least May and possibly longer. Mostly I will be writing about my new life with a baby which is sooooo different than my life before John arrived. I will be going back to work in two weeks and will be back to teaching Algebra II. I am not returning to cheerleading now that the 'year' is over which will give me many hours back in my week! I am not looking forward to going back to work only because at the moment I hate the idea of John being in daycare. We will see how that goes and see how many tissues I go through...