Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where to begin...

Well, I haven't posted in a couple week so I don't even know where to begin.

The biggest news around here is that John is officially walking. Can't beleive it! Today he has even mastered standing up on his own without pulling up on anything. He just stands up and walks! So cute!

Two weekends ago Jenny was in town so I took the day off to visit with her. I took John to meet her in Dallas where we had a last breakfast (John LOVED the eggs and potatos!) and then hung out at the pool. John had a blast in the pool with Jenny and was such a happy baby the whole visit. Then Brad and I went to the A&M game at the new Cowboy stadium with Jenny, Jeff and other friends which was really fun as well.

Last weekend was 'family weekend' and we had high hopes of taking John out somewhere fun. Unfortunately he got some kind of stomach virus and was sick the whole weekend. But I am taking him to the dr tomorrow (on a non-related ear infection check-up) so I am taking him to story time at the library and going to playgroup! I am so excited to take the day off with him!

Today Brad found four baby bunnies in the backyard right outside their rabbit hole. (and I didn't run them over with the lawn mower this time!) We took John outside to look at them, although the bunnies weren't doing too much. So we saw a whole of bunnies sitting, breathing, and licking each other. They were TINY and sweet. John was interested in them, but we obviously didn't let him touch the rabbits. We took a pic of John's hand in comparison to show how small the bunnies were. So cute!

The next couple weekends will be filled with visits to the pumpkin patch, football games, birthday parties and Halloween parties. Almost every weekend is planned until the middle of December! John is just quite the social butterfly! So I will be posting more pictures of all our fun adventures soon. Until then, here are some cute random pics...

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