Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I am slowly but surely adding pics to shutterfly. As I type, I am uploading over 200 pictures of my precious little baby into the 7 months folder. You can understand it will take me FOREVER to sort through which pictures to add so I am adding them all and you lovely viewers can see for yourself why I simply MUST take over 200 photos per month of John. Because he. is. awesome.

Don't have time to look at thousands of pictures of JAB (what?!?!?), then here is just one to tease you...

Good and bad news though...our camera is breaking on us. (overuse maybe?! hehe!) We have repaired it about a year ago when Mr. Clutz dropped it (in possibly a drunken stupor on the same night the moniker 'Mop Top' was created). Mr. Clutz reappeared with Mrs. Clutz on Halloween night and the camera was dropped again. Said camera works when it feels good and ready to take a picture. Therefore we are probably in the market for a new camera...and ASAP since John's birthday is quickly approaching and the last thing I need is the stress of not having a working camera on December 2ND!! Tears (and heads) will rolls for sure. Anyone have suggestions for a new camera?


  1. Did you find one on Slickdeals?!

  2. you didn't say slickdeals, you said flickdeals!!! no wonder the site looked really weird!