Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thank You Cards...made from stuff around the house!

Lately I have been 'going green' when it comes to cards. 'Going green' is also code for 'too lazy (and cheap) to go to the store so I need to make something from what I already have at home'. For whatever reason, it saves me money and I finally use the stuff that has been piling up in my closet and dining room! Bonus!!

I needed Christmas thank-you cards and I kept forgetting to buy them when I was out. So I figured I would just make them. A couple years ago I bought Christmas party invitations that I saw on sale super cheap thinking the I would need them for a cheerleading party the following year. Well, they ended up in the attic and I never used them. I found them this year when I was packing up the Christmas decorations and put them in my crafting area, thinking I could surely find a way to use them one day. That day has arrived!!!!

I started with this...

...and since the design at the bottom of the card was cute, I just typed up thank you notes on coordinating cardstock, glued it together, and I ended up with...

...THANK YOU CARDS!! (ummm...hi blogger, why are you rotating my pictures randomly? My sincerest apologies to my loyal readers!!) I stopped just short of adding ribbons and glitter. But only because I forgot to factor in the ribbon idea when I printed out the notes and I didn't have glitter within arms reach (remember, I said I was lazy!).

I am hoping that I can make Miss Meadow's birthday present on Monday since I have the day off from work. We will see if I am actually motivated to follow through with that during John's nap! So, stay tuned...


  1. cute thank you notes!! I still need to do mine. See you guys tomorrow! :)

  2. You crack me up!! I love the thank you cards, very smart!!