Friday, March 20, 2009

Our Baby Boy is Growing Up!

So, John is almost 4 months now. Well, he is almost 16 weeks, but not quite 4 calendar months which is always confusing! In the last two weeks he has just acquired so many new skills! He will reach for toys that I hold out to him and then of course shoves it directly into his mouth. He talks ALL THE TIME! He is still on the verge of laughing and is kind of tickelish. The big event is that he can roll from his back to his stomach now. Brad found him on his stomach in the crib about a week ago and John was not a happy camper. He really didn't like waking up on his tummy. However, in just the last day or two, he has been rolling on his stomach more in the crib which makes it more challenging for him to fall asleep. But, it was so much fun to watch him today because he was playing with a toy on his mat at a Mom's Group meeting and all of a sudden he just rolled over onto his stomach. He seemed to really like looking around at other people and at at the other babies. (Who could blame is probably boring looking at the ceiling all the time!) After a little while he got a little fussy so I put him on his back again, but he kept rolling over! It was so cute and I was so mad I didn't have my camera with me!! I did get a picture of him yesterday of when he rolled over at the end of his nap. (No, I don't let him sleep on his stomach!)

John also has a new cousin, Bella. She came home from the hospital on Wednesday! I got to visit her yesterday and hold her for the first time. She is SO light compared to John and super cute. John is getting over a cold so he didn't get to visit Bella so hopefully next weekend they can finally meet.
Well, that is about all for now. John seems like he is about to wake up so I had better get prepared!!!


  1. Hey! Well... I think we will demo next week and weekend and then start the plumbing after that and then tile. Going to be QUITE the job and a tad expensive! At least it is going to make our house worth a lot more! The picture was when we were about to leave for our walk... he was a chatty Cathy when he woke up from his nap!

  2. Ooops I thought I put in the picture of him about to go on a walk... but I didn't. It is really cute. I will email it to you.

  3. Families really are great. Watching your kids grow and learn really is amazing. Sometimes I wonder how they learn so fast. My kids are still little (1 and 3/almost 2 and 4) and I hope they want to continue to learn. I wonder where some of the amazement goes by the time they get to high school.