Monday, July 20, 2009

Lubbock Trip

We are home safe and sound from our {short} trip to Lubbock! Brad and I packed up everything but the kitchen sink and took John to visit Great-Grandma Brown in Lubbock.

We left Sunday morning and came back Monday afternoon. Short and sweet! John was such a good baby on the plane! He fell asleep before take off and slept for all but 15 minutes on the way to Lubbock. I was really nervous he would start crying, but once again he proved to be the easiest baby ever. I tried to put his pacifier in his mouth on the way up just in case his ears started to bother him, but Brad and I cracked up as John tightly pursed his lips together at all attempts. Guess he really didn't want his pacifier while he was sleeping!

Grandma Brown was in love with John as soon as she saw him. Most of the time John entertained and was entertained by Grandma Brown and Grandpa: playing with toys, reading books, going for walks, taking family pictures, etc. At night we played Skip-Bo. (Obviously if we didn't have a baby sleeping, Brad and I would have totally went out to see what Lubbock had to offer. Oh wait. Already saw what Lubbock had to offer when we drove from the airport to Grandma's. Hmmm.) Brad won one game and I won the second. Yeah!! :)

While waiting for our plane today to return to Dallas, John played with a fun over-sized chess set. How cute is that?!

John again fell asleep before take off and slept until we picked up the carseat to walk off the plane. Have I already said he is the easiest baby ever?

I will be getting ready for another busy week: inservice, playgroup, and meeting up with friends. I should have totally quit my job because this is way more fun than going to work everyday! :(

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