Saturday, August 1, 2009

Just a little applique-ing on a Saturday night!

Tonight I made my first attempt at appliqueing (is that a word?!) a shirt for John. I got a super cheap onesie at Carter's today (20% off the clearance price!!) and did a little modifications with an old Wakeland shirt I had. I loved this shirt but unfortunately it got stained around the collar somehow...and I am WAY to plump to fit into it now. Anyways, I love the 'jagged' look of each piece that I added- makes it look like a worn in patch. You can't tell from the pictures, but the appliques are a little frayed around the edges. But I don't like how the 'wake' and the 'land' don't line up quite right so it looks like an uneven box. Oh well. I am sure John won't care when he wears it at Wakeland games this year! Here are the before and after pictures. Notice I even removed the pocket!! Watch out - I am getting fancy here people!!! And please be don't be jealous of my exciting Saturday night adventures. (We are in the middle of a fabulous Family Weekend and I will post about that after tomorrow's outings!)

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