Monday, August 31, 2009

It's Been A While...

Going back to work really cramps by blogging-style! :)

School started last week so Brad and I took John out with us to our traditional 'Back to School Dinner' on Sunday, Aug 23. (Like the title says, it's been a while!) We went to Chili's and had some yummy comfort food.

My first week of school went pretty well. It was better than I thought it was going to be, so that is always a plus. I miss hanging out with John and it isn't the same spending time with him at night since he usually falls asleep on the way home, wakes up in time for dinner, takes a bath and goes back to bed. So I might get an hour or so of time with him. Not much! :( But we did buy him a walker toy that he loves. He is so cute with it! He isn't really steering it yet, but he is kind of trying. I 'race' him around the living room and he just cracks up. SOOO cute!

Saturday was my birthday so Brad and John took me to IHOP for breakfast, which was wonderful! John had his first pancake (can you believe I didn't take a picture of it!) but after a couple bites I realized it had nuts in it. So, I put that away and just gave him some of my plain pancakes and the rest of his fruit we brought with us. It is so much more fun to go out to eat when we can give John food while we eat and we don't feel so panicked that he might cry at any minute. (Which he has NEVER done in a restaraunt yet. What a great baby!)

After IHOP, Brad had an arts and crafts project planned for us. He put together a box form to hold cement in which we made our footprints. We also added our names, the date, and pennies from our birthyear. It was really sweet and it is now sitting pretty in our garden in the backyard. It was fun and I loved sitting outside with John while we watched Brad put it all together for us.

Saturday afternoon we went to one of John's friends 1st birthday parties. It was fun seeing all the people from our mom's group, especially since not only have I been missing stuff due to work, but John and I both have been sick and have missed the last couple things in the summer too. :(

So, that about rounds out the last week! John turns NINE MONTHS on Wednesday. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the dr doesn't say he has an ear infection when we go for his appointment on Wed.

To finish off the post, how cute is John crawling with his sippy cup in his mouth?! :)

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  1. HA! Love the last picture of John. He's so silly. And I can't believe he ate pancakes!!! Ughhh where does the time go? 9 months!?!

    Oh and I love Brad's birthday celebration. So thoughtful and "you" ... which is very sweet!

    Hopefully we'll see you at Mom & Dad's this weekend!