Sunday, April 5, 2009

This is Where the Magic Happens

John seems to really like being on his changing table. This is the site of many first so far: first smile, first time he 'talked', first time he 'talked' ALOT, first time he stayed on his tummy and held his head up for an extended period of time, and now his first laugh. Don't know why he loves that pad, but we just need to keep the camera in the dresser permanently or something!

So I was talking to John after changing his diaper about how I was nervous that he hadn't pooped in two days. Guess he thought that was funny (and knew what a HUGE mess he was going to make later that night) and he started laughing. Brad and I were cracking up and then Brad ran to get the camera as fast as he could! This was the first time we heard a real laugh...not just sounds of happiness. I promise that in the video I was crying b/c I was laughing so hard at John and b/c when Brad ran to get the camera, he dropped it on the way which is very typical for him. I am not the sappy mom who cries over everything! :)

He laughed on Saturday and we haven't heard it since. I will just be waiting until he finds something funny again!

For those of you reading this at work in FISD, the video does not appear! :( sorry!


  1. Oh, what a wonderful video..It gave me chills watching it. John is adorable.

  2. Made me laugh too!!! He is a cutie pie :)

  3. Baby laughter is one of the most precious sounds I can imagine. I reminds me of when my babies laughed as infants. These are precious, precious moments. Enjoy every one of them. He is adorable!

  4. Oh my goodness -- this is the cutest thing ever!!!