Thursday, April 16, 2009

Teaching Something New?

My big dilema of the week is deciding if I should try to teach a new class next year. Well, I guess that isn't such a big dilema, but still a big decision! Should I stick to what I have done the past 7 years because I know it and it is easy? I can try to add in more activities and tweak lessons, all the while risking being bored and antsy next year? Or should I make a change and switch to a new math class and challenge myself with creating all news lessons and material? Tough decisions! Here are some pros and cons:

Pros to teaching Algebra II again
- already have TONS of lessons, notes, worksheets, activities, etc
- can use the navigators pretty easily and have some activities made up for that
- would be easier to spend time with family because I can get all my work done during school hours

Pros to switching to a different math
- would gain experience with other subjects (always good for the resume!)
- probably won't be bored and complacent- keep me on my toes with new material
- work with a different group of teachers which is always good for 'networking' among the department
- probably will have a student teacher in the fall so I would have some help getting materials together (may be a perfect opportunity to try something new)

Cons to switching to a different math
- have to start from scratch. (can share with other teachers, but will still need to tweak to make my own)
- could possibly be teaching sophomores and I am spoiled right now with the older and more behaved students
- not sure how to incorporate the navigator with a totally different math such as geometry
- LOTS OF WORK!!!!!!!!!

hmmmm...lots to think about!


  1. Which math would you switch to?

  2. Personally, I would stick to what I am currently doing. I would want as much time with my family as possible. I coach as well, so the more comfortable I am with my current material, the better. You can find new ways to look at the same material vs. teaching totally new material. Anyway, just my two cents.