Saturday, April 25, 2009

Random Thoughts On The Past Week

Lots of things going on this week...

Last Saturday was Brad's birthday so we went over to his mom's to celebrate with his brother and 'sister-in-law'. John was of course center of attention most of the day. He started to scoot backwards for the first time so I think he will be crawling very soon! He also rolled from his tummy to his back so we were really excited that maybe he would do that at night when he wakes up crying on his stomach (more on that later in the post!). John looked so cute in his plaid shorts and converse sneakers!!!

John is also learning to sit now. He is actually doing really well and can sit and play with a toy for a couple minutes before losing his balance. He just is so advanced for his age! hahaha...

So John had been waking several times at night crying. We couldn't figure out why. He had been sleeping around 10 hours straight for about a month or 2 so we were not used to waking up several times a night with him! We thought at first it was because he had flipped onto his stomach and didn't like it. But then he was waking up crying every 1-2 hours and he was sometimes still on his back, sometimes he was totally awake, sometimes he was still basically sleeping, sometimes he was hungry...we just didn't know what to do. So I called the doctor and his nurse said to come in to have him checked. She said to give him tylenol that night to make him comfortable before the dr saw him the next day. Well, wouldn't you know he slept all night without a peep! The doctor checked him out and said that John had a 'nasty ear infection'. I felt pretty bad but I wouldn't have known to get that checked! Looking back, he was fussy a week before I took him to the dr but I thought it was a growth spurt. Now I realize that he was crying every time I put him down because his ear was hurting! Thank goodness I didn't take him on the plane to Abilene for Brad's grandpa's funeral- that would have been a DISASTER of a ride!!! Anyway...John has been taking his medicine extremely well (he sucks on the syringe of medicine like it is a bottle and cries when you take it away) and he is sleeping like normal again. He is so cute when he sleeps now b/c in the middle of the night he flips over and tucks his legs under so his butt sticks up in the air!

Last night Brad and I took John to his first baseball game! Granted it was Wakeland High School's game (my student made it off the bench for the game!!), but still it was so fun to be outside and let John experience a new situation. Everyone in the stands loved him and he got passed around to my friends and some of my students. He is SUCH a good baby and didn't cry the whole time. (not that I expected him to!) He just really likes to look around and stare intently on people and objects so he seemed to enjoy himself. He doesn't smile at strangers yet (which is odd b/c he smiles all the time at home and at daycare!) but hopefully he will soon!

(Just can't get enough pictures of John? Go to There a couple thousand more over there!).

For those of you who are still reading the longest post ever, I leave you with a question. Does John have enough pants???

by the way...yeah for Bella gaining weight!!! boo to having an intolerance for milk and soy protein. yeah for Al going on a crazy diet for Bella- I doubt I could do it!!!


  1. wow ... I think he has plenty of pants!! Bella has a total of 4 pants and only one of those is a premie & fits. She has all dresses! :) thanks for the encouragement on the diet and B gaining weight. Yeah for john sitting and being such a good baby. Can't wait to see him tomorrow.

  2. He has more pants than I do!!

  3. I know- I think I went over board on pants. Once he started day care I realized he only had 5 outfits to wear so I had to buy more clothes. I think he is set for a little least until he needs to wear shorts everyday and then I will have to hit the stores again. darn!!! :)

  4. John is such a cutie!! Don't beat yourself up about the ear infection. That happened to me every time my little one had an ear infection. We never knew she had it until she wasn't sleeping at the night. I finally just started taking her to the doctor every time she woke up at night for a few days in a row. The doctor thought I was crazy every time I brought her in and said she isn't sleeping at night. They were like really no other symptoms and yet you are still here...but 9 times out of 10 she had an ear infection. Kids are crazy little things to figure out!!! :)

  5. I love the picture of him sleeping -- so cute! Ear infections are awful -- Logan had a double ear infection right after I had Lucas -- needless to say, no one got sleep in our home for a few nights!!!

  6. John is precious! Yes, I think that he has plenty of pants. He is quite the clothes horse!