Sunday, May 3, 2009

She's Crafty...He's Messy

I saw a post on how to make a baby gown out of an old t-shirt and decided to give it a try. I whipped it up in about an hour which is why it is not perfect by any means. I think not having wonderful sewing skills could be a possible reason for an imperfect gown, but that is just me! Looking back on it, it may also help if I read the directions as I went instead of just figuring it out as I sewed. I am going to have John wear it tonight...if it fits. It was sitting on the table this morning when I walked by and I realized that John doesn't wear gowns all that often (Brad calls them dresses even though John only wears them to sleep). So I thought I could modify the pattern slightly and make shirts instead! So that will be my next project! If he is going to venture out of the house with it on, I will have to learn how to make nice hems I guess... :)

On a side note, although I have nothing to base this on, I have always though boys are a little more rough and that John would grow up to make a big mess in our house and destroy everything in his path. Well, today marked the first day of destruction. He was playing on the floor and when I looked up he was wrapped around the coffee table leg and playing with the magazines. He pulled a couple down and when I sat him up, he proceeded to rip a couple pages out and put them in his mouth. Must be tasty because it kept him entertained for about 15 minutes!


  1. look how big his arms and legs are! hahahaha

  2. He isn't that big! :) He did have 2 dipples at his elbows this morning when he was playing on the floor.........