Sunday, May 31, 2009

'Stuff About the Weekend'

Brad comes up with catchy titles, doesn't he?

So, stuff about the weekend...

I had to ask Brad to help out on this one as we had a pretty uneventful weekend and this was the response:

'Walked down the trail by the lake, bought a kiddie pool, sat in the kiddie pool...'

Then he trailed off and continued watching 'The Office'. As in the British 'The Office', not the American version that is getting worse by the week.

So, basically Brad's recap said it all. We checked out the new trail by our house that goes along the shore of the lake. Pretty view, but super hot with no shade. I didn't dare bring a camera because John had an odd outfit on and I didn't want to document that for all eternity. Besides, John fell asleep before we even got to the trail so he wouldn't have been all the photogenic.

I took John with me to JoAnn's to buy some fabric for some taggie blankets that I started to make for him and Bella. The ones I made so far turned out pretty dang cute and John loves his crinkle one already! Who knew that sewing in straight lines could produce something so fancy-looking?

We also picked up a kiddie pool for John, making sure it was big enough for me too of course. We broke it in today. It. Was. Amazing. Why didn't we buy one two summers ago? John seemed to enjoy himself after he got used to the cold water. He is perfecting his skill of splashing water everywhere. Apparently he felt he didn't get enough practice in our bathroom at bath time during which he soaks everything in a 5 foot radius.

John also had us laughing pretty hard when we fed him carrots tonight. He must have been famished because he gobbled up those carrots! It was hilarious because he would look at Brad with wide eyes and as soon as he saw the spoon, his mouth dropped open as he waited for the carrots to be shoveled in. He certainly doesn't have the same reaction with his green beens or peas! He ate the entire portion of carrots...what a piggie!

So that about wraps up the weekend. Looking forward to the last week of school and our THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!

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  1. Cute pictures of John!! And cute blankets!! Too bad I don't need one or I would make you make one for me :)