Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Latest and Greatest

Well, school is officially out for summer! Oh wait...I am still working. Boo. Only three more days until I am finished writing curriculum and have two months off! I was leaning towards not going back to work next year and living the glorious life of a stay at home mom. After talking to Brad tonight (for the millionth time!), now I am back to going to work for another year. This will help us build up our savings again (new air conditioners are EXPENSIVE!) so I can stay home the next year. I am not thrilled with going back to work so hopefully I can tough it out for one more year.


John is getting super big and learning new things. He is on the verge of crawling. I know, I know. I have been saying that for a while. BUT, he actually started to crawl tonight! He moved his legs and arms, just not in a coordinated fashion. I give it another day or two before he figures it out and keeps his balance. It is funny because he picks up his leg and extends it all the way out and doesn't know how to place it back down again to keep moving. Too cute! He has learned how to hold his bottle now basically without any help. He is eating his veggies like crazy and even starts to get cranky when you stop feeding him. He LOVES to eat so I am glad he isn't a fat baby! John is also getting really strong and can almost pull himself up to standing. He is always wanting to stand and can even hold himself up against my arms or an ottoman for a couple seconds at a time. Very impressive! I am so excited that I get to spend every day with him starting next week!

I made a couple more tag blankets and crinkle blankets for John and Bella. John of course loves his and hopefully Bella will too once she gets old enough to hold things. My next sewing challenge will be to make bibs and hooded towels. I can't wait! I am also going to make a blanket for Laura's baby that I am hoping will turn out really pretty. I am excited to go to the store next week and pick out some pretty material for little Ellie's first birthday. Can you believe she is almost a year old?! I can't wait for them to visit this summer.

Enjoy the pics!


  1. I look very creepy in that picture. I'm pretty sure John gets his good looks from you. Love you!

  2. You are so talented -- please teach a class on this! I want to make one for Lucas -- how cool is that -- John will have all these neat things that you made for him! You are so Martha Stewart :-)