Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Brad!!!!

We celebrated our first Father's Day this weekend! John and I took Brad to Amore's on Saturday night for an early Father's Day dinner. As usual, the food was yummy. Also, there were only 3 other groups of people there so I wasn't super paranoid about John making too much noise. This was only his 4th time at a restaurant and his FIRST time in a restaurant high chair!! He did really well...and the music was loud enough to cover up his 'talking'.

This morning I let Brad sleep in (although he said he was still woken up when John was crying. Oops!!) and got him some breakfast for when he woke up. I took John to get Brad an apple fritter and chocolate milk from his favorite donut shop. I would have make him something at home, but he doesn't seem to like when I make him breakfast for some reason. hmmmmm.... John and I were crafty and had made some of Brad's presents. Well, I guess I should say I made them and John kept trying to eat the paper so all wrinkles in the project were courtesy of John.

Later we continued the celebration by going grocery shopping (FUN!!) and got some Father's Day Wendy's!!! After John woke up from his nap we went swimming in the backyard for a little while. Brad has one of his 'Daddy Dark Ale' beers...and John had his first experience of choking on pool water! He did NOT like that one bit!! :(

That about wraps up our celebration...unless you count going for a walk after dinner and giving John a bath before bed. But I don't count that...but then again I counted going to Kroger's as part of the celebration, so whatever...

John did have some random acts of cuteness over the past couple days. (He is always cute, so I guess they are random acts of SUPER cuteness!) He is still crawling all over and FINALLY caught Gracie today! He LOVES Gracie, but she doesn't seem to care for him all that much. However, John took full advantage of Gracie being preoccupied with food and pounced! Gracie just kind of looked at him and kept on eating. John was laughing and loved petting her. Too cute!

John also managed to make his way onto the shelf on our coffee table. Am I seeing a future of a really active child that I can't leave alone for a second????

He also is learning to pull up on things. I was on the laptop this morning and I see John's head pop up on the other side of the coffee table and there he was standing as if he had been doing that forever! By the time I ran to get the camera and turned it on, he fell. (Don't worry. I caught him...that time.) However, he wasn't quite so lucky the next time he tried that and I couldn't catch him in time and he hit his head and cried for a little bit on that one. Now my poor baby has a mark on his face. :(

I need to do some more baby-proofing now since not only does he hit his head alot, but he can grab things on the coffee table now so I need to keep that cleared off! Why don't people tell you having a baby is hard work BEFORE you get pregnant?!?!!?! :) Good thing John is so cute and totally worth all the hard work (especially when he sleeps like this!)


  1. Cute!! I love that he finally got Gracie. Looks like you guys had a fun Father's Day. Can't wait to see John on Wednesday!

  2. He's adorable. I love it when babies sleep like that.

    I'm dropping in to tell you, you won the YoBaby Yogurt giveaway at my blog, A Chelsea Morning. So if you'll send me your mailing information, I'll send it to Stonyfield and they ship your prize out to you right away.