Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Santa Fe Baby!

Brad and I took our Christmas/Annivesary trip this weekend to Santa Fe. The trip was so relaxing and perfect! We had a great hotel (free!!!) and we had a nice room upgrade so we had a little living room, fireplaces, and the bedroom. The pool area was awesome and since it wasn't even remotely hot, we just sat by the pool without getting in. We walked around Santa Fe for a little bit on Saturday then relaxed the rest of the night at the hotel. Again, the hotel was awesome, so we were occupied with the hot tub, a walk through the casino, and watching the boob tube in our comfy bed! On Sunday we had an amazing free breakfast and then headed over to Bandalier National Park. We visited the cave dwellings (I wasn't impressed!) and then hiked for about an hour. I wasn't prepared for the cool weather and had to buy a t-shirt at the gift shop to wear for part of the hike. So yes, I was that person wearing the shirt while in the location stated on said shirt. Does that make sense?! :)

We were back in Dallas by noon on Monday and were excited to get back to John. He looked so old and big when we saw him! He is so good a pulling up on the coffee table, couch, crib...anything that is sturdy enough to hold his weight! He cracks me up because when I get him after naps, he is just standing in his crib smiling at me! Precious!

Speaking of...John is waking up so enjoy the pictures...


  1. cute! I can't believe you were hiking! :) And I love the last picture of John standing in his crib - his smile is priceless!!

  2. Looks like fun!!! I'm glad you guys got to get away for a little vacation! And Happy Belated Anniversary :-)