Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend Adventures

We had quite the busy weekend!

Friday night Brad kicked me out of the house so I could go out with some friends at work. I am glad he 'forced' me to go because I needed to have some fun with my girls! I also got my gossip fill for a while. :) Brad was super sweet and cleaned the house while I was gone so we were ready for Saturday.

Saturday we were up early to feed John and then my parents came over to help plant our front yard. We got a new retaining wall at the end of last summer and we finally were able to plant yesterday. I have been very embarassed to walk up our front steps b/c the yard was so ugly. It looks a million times better but we will still need to plant grass. Maybe next weekend??? Maybe we will also 'inspire' our neighbors to fix up their yards...I can always dream...

After we finished planting the rest of the family headed over to celebrate Brad's belated birthday and mother's day. John and Bella were of course center of attention. John did so well- skipped his nap and didn't get cranky or anything!

This morning Brad and John took me to IHOP for breakfast and then I got to go back to sleep for a couple hours while Brad took care of John. Best Mother's Day gift ever! John also sent me flowers at work this week and gave me a photo album to store the million pictures we have. :) What a sweetie!

Here are some pictures...

Preparing for the family visit:

No one was paying attention to the opening of presents by the time we got to Al! :)

Aunt Allison and Bella:

With Grandpa!

Mother's Day Breakfast:


  1. What a sweet smile! Great pic. Sounds like you have had a wonderful Mother's Day.

  2. How wonderful! I love the pictures. John is so cute and such a happy baby. I hope you had a great Mother's Day!

  3. Nothing better than breakfast with your babies on Mother's Day! :) We had a great time at your house yesteray ... Bella's first trip to Aunt Jen's house! I'm about to post some pictures too! I have some cute ones of John.