Sunday, May 17, 2009

Why I am In Love with Brad

As I was taking pictures off my camera tonight, I came across one that made me smile...well actually laugh pretty hard...and once again realized why I love Brad so very much. (He may get upset that I am posting this picture but hopefully the nice post will make up for it!). Before bathtime tonight, I decided to take some pictures of John sans clothes. (Let's just ignore the fact that he decided to pee on the bed. Payback for being in so many pictures today??) So I needed a backdrop so all our junk from our bedroom wouldn't be seen. So, as I am taking pictures of John...

...this is what my perfect husband was doing to help out...

Yep. That is Brad under there and he was even so kind as to move left and right as I tried to get the perfect shot of John. It was so funny and I laughed so hard I almost copied John and pee'd my pants.

So my point is this: I love Brad. He is the perfect husband and perfect dad. No matter what I ask of him, he will do it. He is so helpful and supportive at all times and he always makes me happy. I hear people at work complain about their husbands and I just feel sad for them. He cracks me up everyday and we are so content to just hang out in the living room together. I am so lucky to be married to Brad and John is very lucky to have him as a dad. I mean, he converts himself into a human backdrop. What more could you ask for??

I love you poopy! :)


  1. I am in class right now cracking up at this picture of Brad!!!

  2. I know! And I think the funniest thing is that he put the blanket over his head. Ummm...he is pretty tall and I am pretty sure his head wouldn't be in the picture. :)

  3. Brad is awesome -- I knew he would be a great dad -- this just proves it!!! I love the pictures -- and I love all the effort! Hopefully the ones my mom and I took will turn out just as good :-)